Pathway Homes Design Center


Can you imagine trying to design a new car and having to drive to one place to pick out the dash design and material, another place to pick out engine and transmission and another place to pick the tires and rims?  Who and why would you do that?

That is why Pathway Homes built a one-of-kind design center that has everything under one roof and we mean everything.  When you design your new custom home with Pathway Homes we have all the selections you will ever need in one place.  Our design center features rows of plumbing fixtures, cabinet and granite displays, tile and endless flooring options.  Not only that but we have life size showers and tub displays, life sized working garage with interactive siding displays and to top it off we built an entire house inside our center that is to scale to a normal sized home, we told you we have it all.  


All of this allows you to “live in it” before you build it.  You can walk through real sized kitchens, see how tall wainscoting is, how big a stone column is, see in real life a shed dormer, walk on real hardwood floors, sit in a real theater room and feel the movie.  This interactive experience also allows you to push the button on your garage door and see it work, it allows you to use real Lutron switches, open a real door to a house, check out real working windows. This experience truly removes the guesswork as the ideas you have in your mind come to life right in front of you.

Now there are other choices in town where you could drive here to look at carpet samples, then drive to the other side of town to look at shingles, then back to the other side to get 3″ x 3″ sample of granite, but again who would do that?