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Statistics tell me that you will spend on average 2 minutes and 38 seconds reading this page, so let me make this important;

The most important thing you need, but don’t know you want when building a new one of kind custom home is assurance that the builder is dependable, reputable and can handle the job. You may have thought it was all about counter top choices or which fireplace to choose, but it’s not. In today’s market builders are popping up like morels in the spring, but that doesn’t mean you should entrust them to build your dream home. A single custom home contains thousands of parts and pieces, hundreds of workers and subs and dozens of design features that must all come together to change a house into a home.




You don’t buy your family’s groceries out of the back of a truck on the corner and you don’t put your life’s saving into some unknown foreign bank. Why then give your money to a builder that has no track record of being dependable, reputable and hope they can handle the job? As the owner of Pathway Homes I have been putting my name on custom homes for over a decade. Before I started this company I served my country as a US Marine and gave 12 plus years to the people of the State of Michigan, in Law Enforcement, working for the Department of Corrections. I have attended several different universities, colleges and studied a variety of subjects from law enforcement, pastoral ministries, business and construction. Additionally I have visited and spent a week each with other builders, in 8 different cities throughout the country, learning their logistics and processes, to help improve mine, I am a life long student. I started dating my wonderful wife Angie, in the 9th grade, and together we have 5 children.

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To know me, is to know my passion. When I started Pathway in 2007 I was unknown in Traverse City and Northern Michigan. In addition we were in the worse recession of my life, with no end in site. I was the underdog. To make up time and become a household name I had to work hard and do things that had never been done in Northern Michigan, so that is what I did. The first project I started was a 22 lot development that was to be Traverse City’s first green development with Northern Michigan’s largest rain garden. This development quickly gained local and regional attention and was awarded several thousand dollars in grants and interest from both designers and environment firms. But we didn’t stop there, while other builders were working to take things out of their homes we were working affordable luxury into ours and making things standard that clients had only known as “extras” in the past. But we were also working on something else, green building. We pioneered bringing advanced framing techniques to Northern Michigan as well as high performance building. These efforts grabbed the attention of nationally recognized green building authorities who then invited us to join them on TV shows, teaching and educating others about green building. It also drew the attention of DOW who awarded us their highly coveted Diamond Award for high performance building. This has lead to further invites for lecture, training and consulting from nearly every media outlet in northern Michigan.

This road was long and tough at times but what has emerged is an amazing company that has completed nearly 500 homes and is highly experienced, reputable and an industry expert in our field. Our full time staff of 35 is fully capable of handing any residential home project and the judges and people of Northern Michigan agree. With nearly 5000 followers on facebook, 5 star rating on houzz with 40 plus reviews, 5 star Google rating and an A+ BBB rating you can be assured you are making the right choice when you choose to partner with me. We have been awarded more then 80 Parade of Homes Awards, a dozen coveted People’s Choices Awards, Top 10 Business of the Year from the Grand Traverse Chamber of Commerce and recently we were Nationally recognized and awarded the Energy Solutions Partnership Award for building a 3000 SF custom home that introduced new technology using natural gas to make our own electricity for nearly 5 weeks!!

Now that was a bit more than 2 minutes and 38 seconds, however hopefully you found it helpful. It was important I explain my message and let you know who we are, who I am and I can assure you as long as I am here, which will be for another decade or 2, this drive for excellence, my passion to pioneer new technology and advancement of our trade in Northern Michigan will continue, while doing my best to consider your budget, lifestyle and uniqueness into every home that has my name on it.


Gary Jurkovich CEO/Owner Pathway Homes